Hrim Schola XVI

March 17, 1312








Who are you?

We are the Society for Creative Anarchronism. We study Medieval and Renaissance history and recreate it – the good parts version. We practice arts, engage in (safe) warfare, design heraldry, learn things, and have a good time doing it. We are an educational non-profit organization that runs on volunteers. This event is sponsored by the Central Massachusetts Chapter of the SCA, known as The Shire of Quintavia.

What is this all about?

 Hrim Schola” is an event celebrating the craft arts, particularly weaving, spinning, dyeing, braiding, and sewing. Every year, we add special emphasis to one or more crafts. This year, we are adding a track of classes geared toward teaching children and crafting things for children. Though teaching modern classes about medieval activities, we do want a medieval atmosphere. Everyone who attends is expected to make an attempt at pre-1600 garb. Whether that means a hand-stitched cotehardie, a costume from a play you were in, or an outfit borrowed from our extensive collection of loaner garb, makes no matter to us. What we want to see is an enthusiastic participant in the day’s activities: learning, feasting, and lending a hand to make it all happen.

What exactly will I see?

Our schedule for the day is filled with

Children’s Activities


Some of us have volunteered to share our knowledge with others today. Some classes are about art, some about math, some about science, some about history. Each class is an hour long. Go to the classes you want and relax in the hall otherwise.


There is an embroidery competition where visitng embroiderers can present their artistic endeavors. The competition is hosted by Athena’s Thimble.


We will be preparing lunch (dayboard) for everyone who comes. The flavors may be exotic, or odd, or even sometimes bland, but it’s an opportunity to “get under the skin” of medieval nobility and get a taste of “the good life” as seen by our ancient forebears.


Don’t forget to spend some time just sitting around and chatting with people and seeing all the beautiful garb!

What do I need to bring?

Everyone is expected to make an attempt at garb from the Sixteenth Century or earlier. We have a large collection of loaner garb and loaner feast gear. E-mail our Chancellor if you are interested in borrowing something. Lastly, bring a book or a handcraft. Inevitably there will be a time where there’s a delay or a hole in the schedule, and it can be frustrating to be new and not know what to do. Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

How much does it cost?

$10 for adults covers the cost of renting the hall and allows you to take classes, shop, view the competition, and eat lunch.
$5 for children.
$30 family cap – We want your whole family to be able to come, so once you have paid $30 in site fees, that’s it. Whether you have three kids or five, you only pay $30.

Babes in arms may attend for free.

Non-members are also asked to pay a $5 surcharge per adult-price non-member.

Contact Information

•Autocrat: Andreiko Eferiev

•Chancellor: Rosina von Schaffhausen

•Head Chef: Eleanor Le Brun

•Reservation Clerk: Teresa Giani