Greg and Victoria’s Wedding

greg and victoria engaged


Saturday, May 15, 2010

Camelot Common House

Berlin, MA

3:00 PM



Hotel Information

We have a discount rate available at Holiday Inn Express and Suites, 978-562-1001.  The hotel is located just off I-495 Exit 26, turn right at the end of the ramp, and the hotel will be on your left.


Directions and Parking

Mapping and GPS programs may not yet have the address of the site or may not be correct.  Please use 46 Sawyer Hill Road, Berlin, MA, which will get you to the entrance of our development.  After that point follow directions from **.  Some programs list Sawyer Hill as one word and some as two words.


If you are coming from the hotel, turn right out of the hotel parking lot.  Follow the directions from *.


Take your best route to I-495 Exit 26 for Route 62 Berlin Hudson.  This is just north of I-290 and a few exits south of Route 2.

Take a left at the end of the ramp. 


*In approximately one mile you will see Berlin Farms on your right; take a left onto Sawyer Hill Road across from Berlin Farms.

Continue on Sawyer Hill until you pass Estabrook and Summer roads on your left; take the first right after Summer Road.  This is the entrance to our development.


**In the development, stay to the right until you see parking on your right.  If this is full, you may also park on the right side of the road leading up to the parking on the right.  Since parking is limited, please consider carpooling.


View Services near Sawyer Hill in a larger map


Reception Information

Our reception will be held immediately following the wedding at the same location.  We’ve found that no catered meal really meets everyone’s needs, so we’ve decided to change the format. Everyone we know knows how to cook, so, here's the idea for the reception dinner: BYOS. That's Bring Your Own Specialty. If you're a mixologist, bring cocktail fixings. If you're a baker, bring bread and cookies. It's like a pot luck, but we know that luck is on our side since you're a brilliant cook. We'll have plenty of fridges, ovens, and outlets, so get creative.  Please contact our food coordinator, Kim Dunkelberg, at to let her know what you are bringing and to ask any questions you may have.  We do have some refrigerator space, microwaves, and electrical outlets; please let Kim know if you need these or other considerations.


We know that bringing food can difficult for those who are flying – if you’re from out of town, don’t worry about bringing food for the reception – your presence is contribution enough.


Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear?

The wedding is “quasi-formal”. Greg will be wearing a tuxedo and Victoria will be wearing a handmade gown. Dress as up or as down as you like.


Where are you registered?
We are registered at Target. We also have our own wish lists on Amazon here and here. We know that few people can list all the things they want for their new life together on one or even several gift registries, and we’re no exception. We believe cash gifts are perfectly appropriate for those who wish to give them – it’s one of our favorite things to give at weddings.


Can I bring my kids?

We’re arranging babysitting service for the ceremony. We want everyone we care for to be at the ceremony, but we know that kids aren’t always into ceremony like we are. The Common House is equipped with board games, an air hockey table, and a neighborhood full of children. So if your children show up for the ceremony but can’t stand the wait, let ‘em go.


Are you changing your name?

Yes, we are. We are both published academics and therefore shouldn’t change our last names, but there are other options. To honor their contributions in our lives, we have each decided to add our mother’s last names as a second middle name. So, after the wedding we will be Gregory Stuart Burdick Pettigrew and Victoria Ann Mundinger Sapko. All correspondence should be addressed to Greg Pettigrew and Victoria Sapko at our address. Mr. & Mrs. Pettigrew doesn’t make sense to us, though we would find Dr. and Mr. Sapko somewhat amusing.